Here at The Travel Tree

We have been providing reservation and accommodation services to professional business people world-wide for over thirty five years.

We understand that unlike pleasure travel, business travel is often an "on call" or "immediate action" proposition which frequently requires on the spot arrangements for things like specialized presentation equipment, unique ground transport or even heavy cargo such as the tool chests needed to repair industrial equipment.

We have found through experience that business people must often travel on an "open-ended" basis which short circuits most "reserve ahead" specials offered by carriers so we work hard to save every penny and to make certain our business clients efficiently reap the benefits of every single carrier perk or bonus due them.

We know that doing business away from home is a high stress, often anxiety filled experience and we try to make certain that you can relax during the travel related portions of your trips.

We know the value of "being there" for our clientele as well as the irreplaceable value of one on one professional travel care. We WON'T let you down !