The Travel Tree

Over two - thirds of the Earth's surface ( nearly 140 million square miles ) is covered with water, the vast majority of which awaits your cruising pleasure.

Cruise ship travel is the undisputed king of world wide transportation whenever you have luxury in mind. The best of everything will be at your beck and call, from premier class spa treatments to the finest gourmet dining and famous name entertainment to festive and fun activities for everyone, living in the " lap of luxury " relaxation and so much more aboard ship.

Then of course there are the " other " reasons for cruise travel, the exotic ports of call where you can sample the local lifestyle and maybe, just maybe take home a unique recipe or work of art along with all those incredible photographs and memories of the trip of a lifetime !

We at The Travel Tree specialize in personal and family cruise management. Whether you just want to sail overnight or weekends to your favorite local port of call or opt into a more traditional two week or one month vacation, we have the experience to guide you to the BEST cruises and the BEST values. We can even help you plan to "see the world" with a custom tailored sea going sabbatical, where the only limits are those of your imagination !

"Where would YOU like to cruise today ?"